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Bronislovas Lubys

An interview with one of Lithuania's richest men about his role in independent Lithuania.
Written: August 2005

Museum of the World Ocean
Loved this museum in Kaliningrad, a great opportunity to visit the bogeymen of the Cold War.
Written: October 2008

Watching The Tides Go By - Petronelė Berženskienė
Petronelė lived within a 30 km radius of Klaipėda her whole life, yet had four different passports.
Written: July 2007

Rachel Margolis
An interview with Rachel Margolis as she showed me around the site of the Vilnius Ghetto.
Written: September 2006

Calling the Shots
An interview with Zmago Sagadin, ex coach of Lietuvos Rytas just before he was sacked.
Written: 18 January 2007

Alma Adamkienė - The First Lady
I was impressed by Alma, she seemed a kind and genuine person.
Written: July 2007